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Teen dragged into sewer: Logan Blake's body found [Updated]

October 19, 2015
The search continues for an Iowa teen dragged into a sewer Monday night. Logan Blake, 17, had gone to play Frisbee with a couple of friends near an elementary school in Cedar Rapids when flood waters pulled him into a nearby storm drain. NBC News shared the details regarding the search on Tuesday.

A teen dragged into a sewer in Iowa is still missing

Screencap via video

Though Blake's friends tried to pull him out of the drain, they were unsuccessful. In fact, one of the friends, David Bliss, ended up pulled into the drain as well. Luckily he was found a mile away and he has non-life-threatening injuries. He was treated and released from the hospital. Another friend who was there at the time was able to quickly get help.

Authorities have indicated that they believe the teen dragged into the sewer is still alive. However, they worry that he may be hurt and stuck somewhere within the drain system. Searchers have been opening manholes throughout the area to search for him, but the latest reports indicate that they have not been successful.

According to the Associated Press via ABC News, authorities have also used sonar in a lake and they have had septic tank pumping divers standing by to help with the search. The search remains a rescue mission at this point, and about 60 volunteers have been helping in the search for the teen dragged into the sewer as well. The fast current has created issues for the searchers, preventing them from entering the underground system itself.

Blake's family says that Logan has a strong will and is an athletic teen. His father says, We have every faith in the world that he's hooked on and waiting for the current to slow down. Many are hoping that this scenario is exactly the case for the teen dragged into the sewer and that septic tank operation Logan Blake is soon found alive and well.

Update: Sadly Logan Blake's body has now been recovered. Searchers in a boat reportedly found the teen's body in Cedar Lake. He was found about a 75 yards from where his body would have exited the sewer drain, about a mile down from where the teen was dragged into the sewer.

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