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Septic Tank -

June 21, 2016

For every homeowner, maintaining a septic system which includes the septic tank is a very important task that may ensure the system stays running efficiently for a lot of years. The result can be septic system support in the plumbing system which can spill inside the basement as well as the drain field. You're probably considering making the large jump to a major lifestyle change of urban lake living or remote floating cabin solitude. " Of course it wasn't called that on the ships before or after the period of Columbus.

Perhaps where you once lived, the house was connected to a sewer system.

This is quite important for the overall function and life of the septic system. This is assuming you're inside the building stage of putting your house by using an empty piece of property. A friend of Sandra Inman's who wished to keep anonymous told 10TV that she believes if Sandra was involved in the kidnapping it absolutely was because "she was forced" to do it.

There are times whenever you face some problems using the fuse box. Be sure and set emitters therefore the water reaches the roots of the plants. The contractors handle both residential and commercial tasks which include Locating and Digging Septic Tank lids, emergency repairs, Pump Replacements & New Septic System Installations.

Sometimes, the Excavation outworkers are engaged in excavate basements and foundations. 23 where they purchased new tires and switched them on site before leaving. 23 where they purchased new tires and switched them on site before leaving. For.


Accurate Control Of Your Knuckleboom Truck Is Likely To Make Your Job Easier! By Christopher Hunter. These backfill services may be a little bit costly and it usually counting around the present loam situation. Septic tank pumping is advised at hand over to specialized plumbers using the suitable equipment to drain tanks without damaging these devices or surroundings. Most experts recommend using vinegar in septic system maintenance since it will not ruin the septic system.


Lisa Colagrossi really didn't fit any of the above mentioned criteria for any brain aneurysm other than being a woman. Nashville's Septic Blue can bring your septic tank back to life, ensuring a lifetime of efficiency. Virginia five-year-old Noah Thomas was discovered dead inside of the Dublin home's septicsystem on March 26, five days after his.

Teen dragged into sewer: Logan Blake's body found [Updated]

October 19, 2015
The search continues for an Iowa teen dragged into a sewer Monday night. Logan Blake, 17, had gone to play Frisbee with a couple of friends near an elementary school in Cedar Rapids when flood waters pulled him into a nearby storm drain. NBC News shared the details regarding the search on Tuesday.

A teen dragged into a sewer in Iowa is still missing

Screencap via video

Though Blake's friends tried to pull him out of the drain, they were unsuccessful. In fact, one of the friends, David Bliss, ended up pulled into the drain as well. Luckily he was found a mile away and he has non-life-threatening injuries. He was treated and released from the hospital. Another friend who was there at the time was able to quickly get help.

Authorities have indicated that they believe the teen dragged into the sewer is still alive. However, they worry that he may be hurt and stuck somewhere within the drain system. Searchers have been opening manholes throughout the area to search for him, but the latest reports indicate that they have not been successful.

According to the Associated Press via ABC News, authorities have also used sonar in a lake and they have had septic tank pumping divers standing by to help with the search. The search remains a rescue mission at this point, and about 60 volunteers have been helping in the search for the teen dragged into the sewer as well. The fast current has created issues for the searchers, preventing them from entering the underground system itself.

Blake's family says that Logan has a strong will and is an athletic teen. His father says, We have every faith in the world that he's hooked on and waiting for the current to slow down. Many are hoping that this scenario is exactly the case for the teen dragged into the sewer and that septic tank operation Logan Blake is soon found alive and well.

Update: Sadly Logan Blake's body has now been recovered. Searchers in a boat reportedly found the teen's body in Cedar Lake. He was found about a 75 yards from where his body would have exited the sewer drain, about a mile down from where the teen was dragged into the sewer.

Public Notice: International Property Maintenance Code

October 19, 2015

TAKE NOTICE that Council of West Mifflin Borough will consider an Ordinance adopting the 2015 edition of the International Property septic tank lines Maintenance Code, regulating and governing the conditions septic tank sump pump and maintenance of all property, buildings and structures; by providing the standards for supplied utilities and facilities and other physical things and conditions essential to ensure that structures are safe, sanitary and fit for occupation and use; and the condemnation of buildings and structures unfit for human occupancy and use, and the demolition of such existing structures in the Borough of West Mifflin; providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor.

The Ordinance will be considered at a regular meeting of Council of West Mifflin

Borough to be held on the 20th day of October, 2015, at the Municipal Building at 1020

Lebanon Road, West Mifflin PA 15122. The full Ordinance may be perused at the Secretarys Office during regular business hours. At said time and place you are invited to attend and to take such part septic tank aerator motor as you see fit.

Brian Kamauf

Borough Manager

15-ton "fatberg" blasted out of London sewer

October 19, 2015
LONDON It may have looked like an iceberg, but there was nothing cool about it.

Utility company Thames Water said it removed what it's calling the biggest "fatberg" ever recorded in Britain a 15-ton blob of congealed fat and baby wipes the size of a bus lodged in a sewer drain.

Thames Water said the mound of "wrongly flushed festering food fat mixed with wet wipes" was found under a road in the London suburb of Kingston.

If you're not about to eat, you can see video of the fatberg shot by Thames Water and contractor County Clean at left.

Last week, an unlucky team of staff had to descend into the fetid tunnel and "blast" the lard and wipes out of the tunnel with high-powered water jets, Thames Water told Some larger chunks were removed for processing at sewage treatment plants.

Thames Water was two continuing work to repair the sewage tunnel infrastructure, which was damaged by the massive clog.

"While we've removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the this past, we've never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before," Gordon Hailwood, waste contracts supervisor for the company, said in a statement.

"Given we've got the biggest sewers and this is the biggest 'fatberg' we've encountered, we reckon it has to be the biggest such berg in British history.

"The sewer was almost completely clogged with over 15 tons of fat. If we hadn't discovered it in time, raw sewage could have started spurting out of manholes across the whole of Kingston.

"It was so big it damaged the sewer and repairs will take up to six weeks."

Thames Water deals with fatbergs all the time. But will the company said Tuesday it was sharing news of the massive lard lump in hopes that customers will think twice about what they dump down the drain.

The company said untreated fatbergs cause flooding and backups.

2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

A Specialists Guide To Septic Systems

October 12, 2015

If you stay in a backwoods or have getaway residential property in the middle of no place, you're no doubt acquainted with the form and feature of a septic tank. Briefly, a septic tank is your very own onsite sewage treatment center. It's used largely where accessibility to a municipal sewer and drain system is neither available nor financially sensible. A septic system runs out sight and also is odorless (when properly kept).

A septic tank is fairly maintenance-free. A well-constructed, effectively kept container could last consistently. The leach field (the underground location where all of the sewage drains are located) will most likely need some treatment or possibly replacement after about 15 to 20 years of solution.

Adhering to a few basic rules-- like not using too much water and not depositing products in the sewage-disposal tank that germs can't break down-- need to help to make a septic tank trouble-free for several years. Do not fail to remember that the septic container does need to be cleaned out when also several solids launch up.

Be mindful concerning just what you as well as your family members took into your septic system. It does not take much to disturb the delicate organic equilibrium within the container. You can prolong the life of a septic tank by watching every little thing that's introduced to the system.

Bear in mind the following referrals:

Too much water could disturb the fragile biological equilibrium within the storage tank, hence beating its capacity to job marvels. Furthermore, releasing more water into the system compared to it can manage could cause it to back up-- not a preferable event.

Don't make use of excessive quantities of any kind of house chemicals. You can make use of typical quantities of home detergents, bleaches, drain cleaners, and also various other home chemicals without stopping the bacterial action in the septic tank. For instance, don't dump cleaning water for latex paintbrushes and canisters into the residence sewage system.

Don't down payment coffee premises, cooking fats, wet-strength towels (paper towels that do not liquefy conveniently, like the sturdy kind), disposable baby diapers, face tissues, cigarette butts, and also other non-decomposable materials into your home drain. These products will not break down, will fill the septic tank and also will connect the system.

Make use of a high-grade bathroom tissue that separates easily when wet. One method to discover if your bathroom tissue fits this summary is to place a handful of toilet tissue in a fruit jar half-full of water. Shake the jar, as well as if the tissue separates conveniently, the product is suitable for the septic tank.

Stay clear of unloading oil down the tubes. It could plug sewer pipes or accumulate in the sewage-disposal tank and plug the inlet. Maintain a separate container for waste grease and toss it out with the garbage.

Baseding on the Environmental Protection Agency, as a result of the visibility of substantial numbers and kinds of bacteria, enzymes, yeasts, as well as other fungi and also bacteria in common domestic as well as office wastewaters, using septic-system additives having these or other ingredients is not advised.

You need to have your septic system pumped as well as cleaned by a specialist each to 3 years. A septic tank in a northern climate will certainly need to have the solids got rid of often compared to a container further southern. (This geographic variation is mainly due to the fact that cooler temperature levels hinder bacterial activity and provide less decay of the sewage solids.) Just how typically you need to have your septic system pumped additionally relies on the size of the storage tank, the volume of wastewater, and the number of solids enter it. Continuous foul odor, sluggish drains, and also drains that back up are all telltale signs that your septic system needs pumping. When in doubt, employ a septic pro.

Volunteers 'on track' at Franklin School - Appeal-Democrat

September 9, 2015
The students in the Franklin Elementary School District were welcomed back to the new school year with a surprise: A new track had been constructed and field improvements were completed during their summer vacation. As the students arrived on the first day of school, many had little knowledge of the changes that had taken place over the summer. The once vacant field now had a 15 -mile track, new broad jump pit, new baseball diamond, a play structure area and new playing fields.

Faced with the challenge of limited space, the school district has struggled for many years to provide its upper grade students with an adequate field area to meet the needs of recess time, physical education and athletic events. During the 2014-15 school year, the Board of Trustees secured the services of MHM Inc. to develop a "Master Plan" for the upper grade field area. Working closely with the staff, administration and Board of Trustees, MHM Inc. developed a comprehensive "Master Plan" that included a new track, broad jump pit, baseball diamonds, area for a new play structure and multiple playing fields. The board hired a construction coordinator, Douglas Reeder, with the goal to have this project completed by the start of the current school year.

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Wekiva woes hinge on septic study - Orlando Sentinel

September 8, 2015
Restoring the health of the Wekiva River depends significantly on a new study that may finally solve, though not soon, the hotly politicized question of whether household septic tanks are killing the waterway.

Details of the study emerged this week as state officials acknowledged lengthy delays in launching a Wekiva restoration plan that would be sanctioned by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

They blamed the laggard pace on the challenge of anticipating state lawmakers' positions on water pollution and septic tanks. Past efforts to tackle septic-tank pollution have been attacked by members of the Legislature as unfair to homeowners.

"One of the big reasons we've been taking a little bit longer is we are trying to find the best way to address one of the major sources of pollution," said Moira Homann, a DEP coordinator.

She explained to local environmental officials that her agency wants to assemble solutions for septic tanks that will address the Wekiva River, as well as hundreds of springs and rivers in the state.

"We took cues from the Legislature," Homann said.

Following the lead of lawmakers on environmental matters is not the way DEP routinely does business.

For example, the agency's ecosystem restoration chief, Drew Bartlett, recently urged Central Florida officials to show leadership in the even more politically thorny challenges of water supplies.

Wekiva River and Wekiwa Springs were diagnosed by the state in 2007 as stricken with nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

Among other woes, the pollution is blamed for feeding heavy, harmful growths of algae.

Sources of contaminants include farm and lawn fertilizers, storm runoff from streets and discharges of treated sewage and effluent that percolate from septic systems into the ground.

Not waiting for DEP to approve a detail-packed plan, local governments have forged ahead with dozens of projects to reduce the amount of treated sewage and stormwater flowing into the Wekiva River and its tributaries.

Among them, Altamonte Springs is about to start up a complex system designed to collect stormwater, cleanse it and pump it along with effluent to Apopka for irrigation of lawns and green spaces.

But the overall effort has been hobbled by DEP's delays over septic tanks, said Nancy Prine of the Friends of Wekiva River, an environmental group long concerned about the role of septic tanks.

Prine said she is mystified that the state's top environmental officials don't show more resolve in solving one of the most vexing issues for springs and rivers.

"I don't understand the relationship where you do things to satisfy the Legislature," Prine said. "Isn't it up to the DEP leadership to say this is how it should be done?"

DEP said it is hoping that its newly launched study of septic tanks will end controversy over previous studies, which have blamed household septic systems for polluting springs and rivers but have been criticized as inconclusive.

The new study centers on 11 homes near the Wekiva, where septic systems were outfitted with instruments that measure contaminants and water flow.

Andrea Samson, a critic of efforts to reform rules for septic system near the Wekiva, has endorsed the study as likely to bring the most solid science to date.

The study will last a year and the results will be applied to a strategy that could take three years to formulate.

"I know that saying three years could cause some concern because it seems like a very long period of time," Homann said. "Please keep in mind that we are saying 'within three years,' and we could have the plan completed sooner than that."

Copyright 2015, Orlando Sentinel

Retired plumber hopes to give disabled access to water -

September 7, 2015
Eric Wilkinson, KING 5 News 7:25 p.m. PDT September 1, 2015

A retired Whidbey Island plumber is now dedicating his life to helping the disabled explore a whole new world.(Photo: KING)

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. -- Look around his Whidbey Island shop and it's clear, Mike Mayes is an old fisherman at heart. So when he goes to work, memories of father-son fishing trips when he was a boy are as near as his trusty rod.

"I grew up fishing with my dad and my grandpa," he said. "They were great times. I miss them."

Mike's father had diabetes and ended up with an amputated leg, eventually making it too dangerous to go out on his aluminum boat. He still wanted to go, but the father-son fishing trips were done.

"It wasn't a good thing to have to tell your dad you can't go with him anymore," said Mike.

That memory stuck with Mike his whole life. Now he is building a better boat to keep hope afloat for those who want to get out on the water.

Mike has constructed a small fleet of Coast Guard-approved boats for people in wheelchairs. They're the first of their kind. Mike has already taken dozens of people, many of them disabled veterans, for free rides.

Recently, Mike took Jake Johnson for a ride. Jake suffers from a birth defect that has kept him wheel chair bound his entire life.

"This gives me something to look forward to in my life," he said. "I'm not stuck on shore. It makes me feel on top of the world. It's awesome."

"I've seen the looks on peoples' faces and how they feel after they've been on this boat. It makes you very happy inside," added Mike. "Half the time it makes me cry."

A retired plumber, Mike has sunk his savings into ADA Boats ( because he believes in spreading that happiness -- the joy he had to give up with his dad. Mike wants to bring his boats to market for people to rent or buy. The project has been a bit like bonding with his father, all over again.

"I think my dad would wonder what took me so long," Mike joked. "He'd want me to go get him and take him out right now!"

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Wal-Mart to reopen 5 stores closed for plumbing issues that became a labor dispute - Dallas Morning News (blog)

September 7, 2015


Wal-Mart is planning to reopen five stores it closed last April for major plumping problems including two in Texas located in Midland and Livingston.

The abrupt store closings became the subject of a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union on behalf of the 2,200 employees. The complaint filed in April argued that the closings were retaliation for labor activism.

The Labor Boards spokeswoman Jessica Kahanek said Thursday that this case is still under investigation.

Wal-Mart has said its cooperating with the NLRB.

One of the three other stores, in Pico River, California, had been the site of regular worker protests against Wal-Mart. The other two stores are in Tulsa and Brandon, Florida.

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said Thursday that the company is ready to begin hiring for all five stores. The stores are expected to open in late October and November in time for peak holiday shopping.

Remember, these stores closings are famous for another reason. Some people believed Wal-Mart was in cahoots with the U.S. military and was really building tunnels for its Jade Helm exercises and a takeover of Texas by the federal government.

The hiring process, Lopez said, includes communicating with all of the associates, including those that have transferred to surrounding area stores, and encouraging all others interested in exploring employment opportunities with Wal-Mart to also apply.

Wal-Mart said almost 75 percent of workers that requested a transfer earlier this year received an offer to move to a new store.

The five stores popped out of a national analysis of the most severe issues that caused customers to have bad experiences at Wal-Mart, Lopez said.

Each store had recurring issues of more than 100 incidents over two years that caused major disruptions such as the closing of the deli and overflows in bathrooms.

Sagging, damaged and obstructed sanitary plumping lines were demolished and repaired throughout the buildings. Plumbing fixtures and finishes were replaced and most of the refrigeration and heating and air conditioning equipment is now new, he said. The process included excavating the floor and slab to reach the plumbing.

The stores were slated to be remodeled anyway and received other upgrades.

Lopez declined to say how much it cost to make the repairs.

Even with the physical issues, the stores had a strong customer base, he said.

Wal-Mart wants them open in time for Christmas shopping.

Reuters and Yahoo Finance were the first to report Wal-Marts plans to reopen the stores.

A-1 American - Plumbing Specialist -

September 7, 2015
12:04 p.m. EDT September 1, 2015

A-1 American Logo(Photo: A-1 American)

Emergency Plumbing Services and Repair

At A-1 American Services, our plumbers can install or repair pipes, tubing and fixtures in Virginia Beach plumbing systems. We also install and repair equipment such as water heaters and backflow preventers. We are the premier heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company based in Virginia Beach. We have offices all over Hampton Roads to respond to emergencies and general repairs quickly inevery Hampton Roads city.

A-1 American

offers plumbing repair services and new plumbing installations to the entire Hampton Roads area. We have multiple offices located across the region, so we can respond as quickly as possible to your family's plumbing problems no matter where you live. If you are in Virginia Beach and have a clogged drain, for example, we can be there in no time. Does your family need an expert plumber in Newport News, VA? We have an office there, too. All across Hampton Roads, and also in Williamsburg, A-1 American has been providing quality service to our customers for more than 25 years.

A-1 American provides Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News and all of Hampton Roads with comprehensive plumbing repair services.

24/7 Emergency PlumbingDrain Cleaning ServicePipe Repair and Trenchless Sewer Line ReplacementPlumbing Repair ServicesToilet Repair and Replacement ServiceShower Replacement and RepairRooter Drain Cleaning ServiceGarbage Disposal RepairWater Line Replacement and Sewer Line RepairPex Plumbing RepairLeaking Faucet RepairBackflow PreventionGlossary of Plumbing Terms


"A-1 American is fantastic! John and Larry were so polite and respectful as well as efficient. I have used this company many times and will continue to call them in the future when I need the work completed correctly. I have not been disappointed!" Diane H.

I am very satisfied with A-1 American. I had needed plumbing services and had used A-1 American. I called them and they worked with me. The technician, Mr. Mark, was excellent and professional,he gave me a cost estimate and did promised work in time. I will tell everyone about my positive experience and excellent services with A-1 American. - Davresh

"I had needed plumbing services for a long-time and had used A-1 American before. I called them again.. and they worked with my fixed-income schedule and came out as planned and on time. The Technician, Mr. John, was excellent! Very professional, skilled and personable; assessed the situation; explained what had to be performed (step-by-step) and gave me a cost estimate. He was a very clean and wiped as he worked. I tell everyone about my positive experience and excellent services with A-1 American." Denise Wrushen

"I had a leak in the hot water line running under the house. I called and was very impressed with how quickly the service call was scheduled. Although I thought the price was a little high, the work was completed in a very professional manner and a small residual problem was rectified the same day." Amber T.

"A-1 America came out same day and did a excellent job. I was impressed by the same day service with a routine repair. Also I dealt with another company for plumbing service who couldn't come until five days later. Thanks A-1 America and their tech Bryan who took a difficult job for me and made it look easy." Donna M.

Long lasting plumbing repairs at an affordable cost.Emergency Service | 7 Days a Week including evenings, weekends and holidays.Call (757) 467-1000 today!

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